Wednesday October 2, 2019-The family of Mariam Kigenda and Amanda Mutheu has blamed Governor Hassan Joho for the laxity in the retrieval of the bodies of the two victims in the Likoni Ferry accident.

Speaking during an interview, the family spokesperson, Luka Mbati, claimed that the governor was responsible for the tragedy that had befallen them.

"We as a family have decided to handle the matter on our own as we see no help for the County government," Luka Mbati mentioned.

He also claimed that they were hiring private divers to retrieve the bodies due to the delay by Kenya Ports Authority and the Kenya Navy.

Joho had yet to comment on the issue, at the time, with residents claiming that the government was not taking the matter as seriously as it needed to after a three-day wait.

"We are losing faith in the government from the way they are handling this matter," Khalid Husein, a resident from Mombasa revealed citing that it was taking way too long to retrieve the bodies.

"The government has not been involved fully in the exercise, the family is still confused about what to do," he reiterated.

The family had resolved to hire private divers but the government maintained that they had the matter under control.


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