Monday October 28, 2019 - An outspoken MP aligned to Tanga Tanga Movement has stunned Kenyans after he admitted that Deputy President William Ruto is a thief of public money.

Speaking in Nyamira County on Sunday, South Mugirango MP, Sylvanus Osoro, said Ruto has amassed enough funds to enable him fund powerful campaigns and that he was a better person to give them (the locals) handouts.

"He has organised himself and you know polls is about eating well’ (sic), we don't milk a bull, we go for a heifer and this is the person who can give you enough milk," Osoro said,

"Eborie iga, aye onye tikwanya koiba, ng'ai okorusia chibesa ogotarera Kenya yaito igaa?”
“Naende ninki ogotarera amatanga oka?”

“Tori gocha ase emechango yekanisa buna eye, ogochia amatanga oka...na gochia bono onye noboibi obwo, gochia oria okorusia nke twareterwa igaa naintwe twanyora egento giaito igaiga”

“(If you have never stolen public monies, where do you get the monies you use to traverse the country?”

“You only go to funerals and never to harambees in churches...and if it’s about theft of funds, then better this one who steals something small and he brings it to us here," Osoro said in Ekegusii.

The MP made these remarks after Ruto raised Sh 1.5 million for Tente SDA Church in Nyamira and the Parish of Gekano.


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