Thursday October 3, 2019 - Government Spokesman, Retired Colonel, Cyrus Oguna, has made a passionate appeal to members of the public, and the media over the ongoing operation to recover the bodies of victims of the Likoni Ferry crossing incident.

Speaking during the Thursday morning presser before the recovery exercise resumed, Oguna urged the public and the press not to put the Government under undue pressure.

He said the Government needed time to do a good recovery job given the bewildering array of challenges plaguing the exercise, warning that pressure would lead to mistakes.

"There's an element that not much is being done.”

“Please our people let's be realistic, let's be hopeful.”

“Let's not put our Government into so much pressure like this because then we may end up not doing a good job," Oguna said.

This comes even as the Government is under immense pressure to hasten the recovery of bodies of Mariam and her daughter who drowned at Likoni Ferry.

Victims of the incident plunged into the Indian Ocean four days ago with members of the public saying the bodies have stayed down there for a long time.

State of the art devices including robots and high resolution cameras have been brought to aid the recovery operation. 

The County Government of Mombasa has hired a South African firm to help in recovering the bodies.


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