Wednesday October 30, 2019 - Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s leadership credentials have been questioned after it emerged that the city is becoming a shadow of its former self
During the tenure of his predecessor, Dr Evans Kidero, Nairobi was a shining example and many businessmen, including foreigners, enjoyed doing business in the capital.

However, since Sonko took over in 2017, Nairobi has become a sewage where even rats and cockroaches hold dancing competitions along River Road thanks to how Sonko has made the city dirty

Hawkers are having a field day and prostitution has become a day time hustle for some Kenyan, Ugandan and Tanzanian girls.

In CBD, businessmen are closing their businesses as city council askaris play hide and seek with cunning hawkers.

Here are some sentiments from a Nairobian who is aggrieved by Sonko’s style of leadership.

Nairobi cbd have become a pathetic mess, shops along riveroad are closing due to the influx of hawkers and unruly and unregulated matatus making customers shun our shops, honestly this is too much heri kidero

The CBD is a hell hole. Hawkers are in the thousands and have taken up every empty space. Let's not even mention mats and trolleys. Na uchafu nayo? Pathetic


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