Monday, October 28, 2019 - When life was good for Jaque Maribe, she used to live a high end life.

With a good career and a huge salary, the former Citizen TV anchor and political reporter had money to splash over and entertain playboys like Jowie.

Snoops whispered to us that Jacque used to drink almost daily in high end city clubs where she was given special treatment thanks to her fat pay cheque.

However, things have changed ever since she was charged with murder, prompting Citizen TV’s management to sack her.

She has allegedly quit alcohol and party life and turned to God for spiritual nourishment.

As most of you were hoping from one club to another over the weekend partying hard, she was busy seeking God at Nairobi Chapel.
A fan commented on a video she shared on Instagram busy worshipping God at Nairobi Chapel and questioned whether she has turned into a church girl and ditched the party life after things went south.

maisha ya dunia imekulemea mpaka ukaanza kwenda kanisa” the fan identified as Nyamai questioned.

The embattled former Citizen anchor replied saying “I live for positive vibes”.
Watch this video that she posted on social media busy seeking spiritual nourishment.


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