Wednesday, October 16, 2019 - Followers of the self –proclaimed mighty prophet David Owuor of Repetance and Holiness Ministry, claims that the sun clapped for him during a recent crusade organized in Nairobi.

The believers say that the sun clapped for the controversial prophet and other senior leaders of the church  when  they arrived at the venue of the crusade.

According to the believers, who shared the experience on twitter, the sun clapped for the prophet to prove that he is chosen by God.

"In a shocking display of who is walking in our midst, the sun, the biggest object in our Solar System, clapped for them upon arrival," wrote a believer identified as Leon Ouko and shared a video.

“The sun clapping in broad daylight is a clear sign that they have the approval of the trinity and listening to them and their message and doing that which they instruct is one way of preparing for grand entry into Heaven," added Betty Nyayal, another believer.

“The sun recognises the presence of The Heavenly Hosts who have come to prepare The way. How fearful, that even the sun and every other object is too preparing. This tells us that we ought to recognize this voice and obey the instructions”. Another believer added.

Another follower of the self proclaimed mighty prophet shared a video alleging that it was drizzling before Prophet Owour arrived at the venue of the crusade but upon his arrival, the rain stopped immediately and the sun beamed down brightly from the sky.

It's so shocking to even realize that before it was drizzling but upon their entry, the sun shined at an instant for such a wonder to happpen, and this generation to gaze and watch even the creation of GOD saying "The Preparers of the way are now here"  He wrote.

A junior pastor at the church joined the thread and  shared a video of the sun beaming after the controversial prophet arrived  at the venue of the crusade and said, 

See how God has loved this generation. During the recently held International Word Expo in Nairobi, the LORD God Most High again beamed His glory on the crown of the head of His Two Tremendous Prophets,in full approval of them just as they entered the venue.”

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