Thursday October 3, 2019 - Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris has blasted the youth in Nairobi who benefited from a TV project she had championed after they proved distrustful.

Speaking in Nairobi during the disbursement of bursary cheques worth Ksh20 million, the enraged Passaris vowed to personally collect TV sets given to the youth as part of an income-generating project.

"There are groups that registered with us, and we gave them free Tvs, DSTV connection and 50 seats each so that they generate revenue from the spaces, some of these groups, however, sold the sets," she ranted.

She further complained that some of the individuals in the groups took the TVs to their homes for their personal use.

"I will come to collect those TVs and give them to those willing to use them in the way that they should," affirmed Passaris.

In May, the Women Representative issued free 50 inch smart TVs, decoders with a five-month subscription, a cage to secure the TV and 50 chairs in each of the 85 wards in Nairobi, with which the youth would use to create business opportunities.

"For example, if the youth charge Ksh 10 for 50 people to come and watch the TV, they will have Ksh 500," she stated.


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