Wednesday October 30, 2019-The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji advised Chief Justice David Maraga on how to handle President Uhuru Kenyatta in light of the recent debacle between him and the President.

Speaking during an interview, Haji noted that the Judiciary should not go on an offensive over the recent budget cuts, but instead, sit down with the President to understand where he is coming from.

"The chief justice should sit down with the president and understand where he's coming from," Haji advised referring to the recent budget cuts by Treasury.

The DPP claimed that he was just as concerned about the budget cuts as the Judiciary, mentioning that a negotiated agreement would work best.

"You have to be fair and objective because as a country, we are going through a difficult patch. Treasury's argument is that we were living big, therefore re-evaluating the budget," Haji spoke.

"The Judiciary needs to pick up areas that are important which should not be affected by the cuts so that they can be able to effectively perform," the DPP suggested.

On Judicial appointments, the Haji reiterated that a meeting between the Judiciary and the Executive was still the only solution to solving the disagreements that were being witnessed.

"The Judiciary needs to reach out despite the reservations the president has. The President has his reasons and they must be important to him," the prosecutor continued.

"There is a separation of power. Each arm has its own powers and when one is interfering with the other, then it would stop the effectiveness. Everyone should keep to their lane," Haji mentioned.

This came after President Uhuru Kenyatta failed to appoint 41 new judges, which the Judiciary saw as a threat to its independence.


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