Wednesday October 23, 2019-Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga is more powerful and influential than we thought.

This is after businessmen, including transporters and CFS owners and activists, Fast Action Movement and Haki Africa, visited ODM leader Raila Odinga at his home in Nyali, to report President Uhuru Kenyatta over the suffering they are undergoing under his leadership.

Led by Mvita MP Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir, the group visited the former prime minister with the aim of discussing matters affecting the Mombasa economy.

One of the things the group discussed was the monopolization of SGR cargo transportation. 

In 2017, the government implemented policies requiring mandatory transfer of most import cargo through the Madaraka SGR freight service to Nairobi.

"We paid a courtesy call to the former Kenya Prime Minister H.E Raila Odinga to deliberate on the current state of the economy of Mombasa as a result of the SGR monopoly," Haki Africa posted on its Facebook page.

Further, while addressing some of the protestors, the MP stated that there were quite a number of residents who were unemployed, adding that monopolization of the SGR cargo transportation would only make the situation worse.

"If you see Mombasa residents going on demonstrations, then it is evident that we have been angered by the SGR directive. 

"The residents of Mombasa are loving and peaceful people. We respect the constitution of this country but equally we ask for respect of our livelihoods," Shariff stated.


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  1. These lazy people. No wonder they never provide employment to Kenyans. They can only think of their lorry business. Embrace SGR, modernize the port, open up for new activities like lucrative cruises passengers terminal so more businesses can benefit creating new jobs. Instead they only think of using people as coolies. Mombasa will remain the same way the mkoloni left it ? Wamejipanga kweli kweli

  2. SGR is helping Kenyans commute to Nbi within 5 hrs at a bargain (1000 ksh). Fast, Safe and affordable. Kuleni wembe.

    Start nice beach front restaurants and hospitality businesses to attract visitors from up country to stir up development and create jobs. This one the bus has gone.

  3. we AFC fans want to know how Felix Shitsama died Can the Kitaa family explain to the shitsama's??????????????? We have all our hope in the DCI.
    kakamega farmily weeps for their Mumusali under unclear !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DCI is there for us.