Monday, October 7, 2019 - An investigation done by the BBC has exposed how lecturers have been soliciting for sex from female students in exchange for good grades.

Secret cameras planted during the expose recorded sexually starved lecturers from the University of Ghana and University of Lagos soliciting for sex from undercover female journalists who posed as University students.

A senior lecturer from the University of Lagos and a dean in the faculty of arts, who has in the past been  accused of  soliciting for sex from students, was recorded by secret cameras soliciting for sex from a BBC journalist, who had disguised  herself as a student interested in joining the Univeristy after completing high school.

The lecturer, who is in his 50s, bragged how he uses money and a sweet tongue to sleep with younger ladies and demanded for sex from the undercover journalist to secure her a place at the University.

Interestingly, the lecturer is a pastor and runs a church in Lagos.

At University of Ghana, another notorious lecturer who is identified as, Dr Paul Kwame, was recorded soliciting for sex from a BBC undercover journalist who posed as a final year student interested in doing Masters.

He told the lady he is married and begged her to be his side-chick.

He further told the lady that if she agrees to have sex with him, he will make sure that she is enrolled in the Master’s programme.

He didn’t even want to see her performance in class.

Students from the two Universities confessed how they have fallen victims of sexual exploitation by the randy lecturers.

Watch the expose courtesy of BBC below.


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