Tuesday October 15, 2019-Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura has claimed that the Jubilee Party members currently in dalliance with ODM leader Raila Odinga are after personal gains.

This comes after nominated MP Maina Kamanda and Youth Affairs CAS Rachel Shebesh endorsed the ODM candidate, Imran Okoth, in the Kibra by-election.

According to Mwaura, the two, both having lost in the previous polls, are out to endear themselves to Raila's supporters ahead of the 2022 polls.

He said that Kamanda needs the backing of Raila's supporters in Starehe, as is the case with Shebesh who lost her Woman Representative seat to ODM's Esther Passaris in 2017.

"Kamanda and Shebesh are playing their own Nairobi politics, well aware that it is run by the Luos and Kikuyus. Therefore, they need the backing of Raila's supporters (Kamanda na Shebesh wanacheza siasa yao ya Nairobi. Wanajua siasa ya Nairobi inatawalwa na Wajaluo na Wakikuyu kwa hivyo wanahitaji wafuasi wa Raila)," said the lawmaker.

However, he warned Raila and his supporters against thinking that the backing will earn him support in Mt Kenya region, where both leaders hail from.

He noted that Raila will have it hard being accepted in Central Kenya, a region he has always been at war with throughout his political life, except in the 2002 polls.

"They are playing their Nairobi politics but selling Raila in Central is very hard, don't let anyone fool you (Hawa wanacheza siasa zao lakini kumuuza Raila Central ni ngumu sana, usidanganywe na mtu)," he added.

Kamanda and Shebesh have thrown their weight behind ODM's Imran Okoth in the Kibra by-election.



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