Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - Infertility is often presumed to be a woman’s fault.

Most women who are unable to become pregnant are ostracized forcing them to go to great lengths to fulfill one of nature’s roles - motherhood.

From being easy targets for quacks and fake pastors who claim they can ‘treat’ or ‘pray’ away their bareness, women have suffered.

What many don’t understand is that inability to be pregnant could be a man’s “fault”, as it could be a woman’s, since it is usually a medical issue and not witchcraft.

Actually, in most cases, it is men who are not able to meet their end of the bargain due to a low sperm count.

That is why this lady is sick and tired of seeing fake pastors exploiting women who are unable to fall pregnant by pretending to pray for them when the problem is the husband.

Check her post below.

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