Tuesday October 8, 2019-Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka has rubbished allegations that he has pledged allegiance to Deputy President William Ruto.

Lusaka has been accompanying Ruto in almost every trip to Western Kenya fueling claims he has endorsed the DP's 2022 presidential bid.

But speaking during an interview, Lusaka denied being Ruto's supporter, saying he accompanies him since he is a top state official, and senior political leader from the area.

"Have you ever heard me, even during those events, say that I will support so and so? Of course, I'm a politician and I'm ambitious. When the time for politics comes, we will make the announcements," Lusaka said.

"I know there are people pillorying me on television talk shows and gatherings that I'm not independent, that I'm doing DP's bidding. That's hogwash," he added.

"How would it appear if the DP of the republic toured the Western region and the highest-ranking state official from the area is missing? What will my people think of me?" he continued defending his presence in Ruto's rallies.

The Speaker further denied claims he favours senators allied to the DP during Senate debates.

"This House is called the gathering of elders. Rightly so because most of the members are experienced and are even former members of the Cabinet. Hence, the quality of debate is dispassionate and thoughtful," he said.



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