Thursday October 3, 2019 - An audio recording taken in a cabinet meeting chaired by Governor John Nyagarama on Wednesday has caused jitters within the Nyamira County Government.

Governor Nyagarama chaired the last meeting with current ministers who have run out of contracts and their portfolios advertised for replacement.

Nyagarama was set to announce vacancies at the end of this month but his decision to declare the slots vacant caught many ministers flat-footed.

"He has changed tact."

"He's not the governor I knew sometimes back."

"Anything is possible."

"Nobody can be able to tell his next moves," an aide admitted in confidence.

An audio taken from live cabinet proceedings went viral in several WhatsApp groups, forcing the Governor to immediately tip DCI sleuths to storm the meeting.

Upon arrival, the sleuths ordered all Ministers to surrender their phones for investigations.

It's not clear why a Minister decided to record the Governor.

"They were ordered to surrender the phones to detectives for investigations."

"We could not immediately establish findings but the DCI is still handling the matter," another aide added.

In the audio, Nyagarama is heard scolding Ministers over wastage of public resources including the Government vehicles which he said are not properly maintained.

"These are not your vehicles."

"They belong to government."

"Why is it difficult to take care of them?"

"Why should someone dismember even the engine?" he asked.

The motive of the recording is still not clear but sources say Governor Nyagarama is keen to have the person who took the audio unmasked.


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