Monday October 28, 2019 - ODM rebel MP, Aisha Jumwa’s troubles have continued to deepen after former Prime Minister Raila Odinga promised to kick her out of her lucrative job at the Parliamentary Service Commission.

Raila, in collaboration with his party, has also hatched another plan to have her lose her parliamentary seat.

Speaking during the burial of the late Ngumbao Jola, who was allegedly shot dead by Jumwa, Raila vowed to deal ruthlessly with the defiant MP who left his tutelage and swore allegiance to Deputy President William Ruto.
At the same time, he blamed the Judiciary for releasing Jumwa on bail even after killing Jola at his home.

''Those behind the killings were arrested and taken to court, the prosecution asked for 21 days to hold the suspects in custody to prevent them from interfering with evidence but the Judiciary is still in a mess that requires investigations,'' Raila reiterated.

This comes even as ODM MCAs from Malindi County have resolved to oust the embattled lawmaker from Parliament by orchestrating a recall from her constituents.  

The MCAs have promised to lead locals in gathering signatures to recall Jumwa.


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