Rites of passage of a Modern Kikuyu man:......
- He starts hustling and gets married at his mid or late 20s, has his first born.
- At his Early 30's, God starts blessing the family, they buy a Toyota probox to facilitate their hustle.
- As "deals" gets juicier he starts wearing those kikuyu checkered shirts.
- He buys a Toyota Fielder and soon buys buroti maguta maguta and starts a mjengo.
- He is pressured by the wife and they start Ngurario and Ruracia in wholesome.
- After the ruracio and the mujengo are done, he buys a Toyota prado. He is now in the mid 40's with 4 kids.
- He joins the local golf clubs and Biashara sasa imenoga kunoga.
- He now starts to get mipango za kando and starts staying out late at night.
- The wife catches him with his mpango.
The wife is cooled down with a trip to Dubai and a brand new Toyota Harrier bought to cool her down further.
- The Mipango's continue and the Wife can’t take his philandering ways anymore.
Bibi anaanza kumuwekea sumu polepole and by the time he is 55yrs, poof he goes to meet his maker.

- At the burial, kunajitokeza bibi wengine watatu in black googles and kids that resemble the ninja even vitambis.
Arûme tûrî aa Ngai ~ Wanaume ni wa Mungu....!!

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