Monday, October 7, 2019 - It has been eight days of pain, agony and uncertainty for Mr Wambua after his wife and daughter drowned in the Indian Ocean when their car slid off a moving ferry.

The search for the bodies of Mr Wambua’s wife and his daughter has been fruitless despite hiring a diver from South Africa at a cost of Ksh 2 million which was donated by Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho.

The Government has also deployed skilled divers and robots to try and retrieve the bodies but the search has not yielded any fruits.

Wambua, a staunch Christian, has revealed that he has been approached by some people who instructed him to perform some occult practices in the ocean so that the bodies can be retrieved.

Wambua has been instructed to slaughter a cow in the ocean to appease the gods.

However, he has refused to perform the occult practices and put it clear that he cannot compromise his faith.

“I have stood firm in my faith.”

“The only blood I believe was shed to save life was that of Jesus.”

“I have turned down such overtures.” He said.

There are all manner of rumours concerning the sea bed where lifeless bodies of Wambua’s wife and daughter lie.

It’s said that elders regularly go to the sea to slaughter animals for the gods inorder to appease them and prevent ferry accidents.


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