Wednesday October 2, 2019 - It has now emerged that the family of a woman and her child who drowned in Likoni on Sunday, September 29th, has been forced to hire private divers to help retrieve bodies of their loved ones.

John Wambua, husband of the late Mariam Kigenda who died alongside her daughter, Amanda Mutheu, indicated they had to look for rescuers themselves due to prolonged delay in the recovery of the bodies at a cost of Sh250,000.

Wambua, who was flanked by other family members and friends, expressed disappointment at the slow pace of the rescue operation.

According to the bereaved husband, the operation to recover the bodies of his wife and daughter was yet to yield any fruits.

This comes even as a section of legislators demanded action be taken against Kenya Ferry Services (KFS) bosses following the tragedy that exposed the embarrassing state of the Government's disaster preparedness.

In a joint statement read by Likoni MP, Mishi Mboko, on Tuesday, the lawmakers put KFS’ Managing Director, Bakari Gowa, and Navy Commander, Major General Franklin Mghalu, on the spot after their men failed to respond to the disaster despite being stationed a few metres from the scene of tragedy.

The legislators also demanded to know the role the Kenya Coast Guard which was nowhere to be seen several hours after the Likoni tragedy.

“We recently passed a law that created the Kenya Coast Guard.”

“The guard’s cardinal role is to provide safety in Kenya’s territorial waters.”

“We want to know from the Coast Guard’s Director-General Brigadier Vincent Loonena where the Coast guards were and what they were doing,” the MPs' statement read.


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