Monday October 21, 2019-Gatundu South MP, Moses Kuria, has castigated President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government for celebrating Mashujaa Day in honour of Kenyan freedom fighters while most and their families are living in abject poverty.

Sharing his thoughts in one of his social media pages, Kuria said Uhuru‘s government has vested in verbal praise of the heroes, while the heroes, together with their families have been left to live in misery despite their sacrifice.

“On the national level, the heroes, both the living and the departed must be proud, wherever they are to see how steadfast we have held as a united, free and peaceful nation. This is the ultimate dividend of their sacrifice,” Kuria wrote.
“On a personal level, most of the freedom fighters and their families live in squalor, a fact which flies in the face of our verbal praise to our heroes,” the legislator noted.

Of most concern to Kuria was the fact that the remains of one of the most prominent freedom fighter, Dedan Kimathi, are yet to be located 62 years after his death.

” The biggest monument of shame is the continued silence on the whereabouts of the remains of Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi son of Wachiuri,” he wrote.


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