Saturday October 12, 2019-The family of late Miriam Kigenda has revealed how Kenya Navy officers frustrated South African divers who landed in the country to retrieve bodies of the deceased and her 4 year child who drowned in Likoni Channel 14 days ago.

When the two drowned, Kenya Navy officers were unable to retrieve the bodies and the family hired divers from South Africa who came and spotted the car which was at the belly of the Indian Ocean.

One of the family member who requested a condition of anonymity said at no time did divers from the Kenya Navy, Kenya Ports Authority, Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute and the county government plan the exercise together.

The Kenya Navy was commanding everything, leaving out the others, and that’s why Musa (a local diver) pulled out because he was frustrated,” said our source.

Though the Kenya Navy lacked the appropriate equipment, “they wanted to be seen as the ones doing everything and did not want to recognise efforts by the other agencies, thus frustrating them,”

The South African divers are said to have stormed out of the country on Wednesday after spotting the vehicle. But despite that, spokesman Cyrus Oguna insisted that it's Navy divers who located the vehicle.

However on Friday , Kenya Navy officers were able to retrieve bodies of Miriam and Amanda.


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  1. All the world kenya Navy, kenya ferry services and the rest are a bunch of useless just there to mince taxpayers money