Monday October 7, 2019-Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro was on the receiving end of a tongue-lashing from Suba South MP John Mbadi in Parliament last week.

The confrontation ensued during a debate about the Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes (Amendment) Bill 2019.

Mbadi alleged that Nyoro had attacked him, stating that he was corrupt after Deputy Speaker, Moses Cheboi, asked the legislators to converge into groups and discuss the bill at low tones.

"This immature boy accused us of protecting him from the corrupt. Who is corrupt? Is he referring that we are more corrupt than him who goes to Deputy President William Ruto to pick money every day? 

"He is picking money from the face of corruption. He has to withdraw that and should stop being stupid," an angry Mbadi lashed out.

It took the intervention of the Deputy Speaker to thwart the situation.

"Honourable Mbadi, you are a serious and seasoned politician serving your third term. 

Indeed what Nyoro said was unnecessary but you have put me in a precarious situation where I have found out that I am presiding over a house of boys and girls. These are mature legislators representing their constituents," Cheboi stated. 

Nyoro apologised and retracted his statement as Mbadi hit back with a heavy-hitting punchline.

"For the record, I withdraw and urge Mbadi to do so as there are no boys in this house," Nyoro, the first-time MP humbled himself.

"Now that Nyoro has accepted to behave well. I will withdraw, but he should know there are small and big boys in every organisation. Certainly, he is a small boy and I am a big boy when we are in this Parliament. He must consider that as I withdraw my statement," Mbadi hit back.



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