Tuesday October 29, 2019 - Former President Daniel Arap Moi has been admitted at Nairobi Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) after suffering from a deadly health condition.

According to one of his doctors who requested anonymity, one of Mzee‘s lungs has collapsed and he is currently using artificial lungs to breath.

The doctor said the condition is called pleural effusion which is the accumulation of excess fluids around the lung area.

“It is something to do with the breathing system."

"He is experiencing difficulty in breathing,”said the doctor

According to medical journals, when the fluids accumulate, it affects the breathing by limiting the expansion of the lungs.

A healthy person should have only a teaspoon of the crucial fluid that allows the lungs to expand smoothly in the chest cavity when breathing.

One of the causes of pleural effusion is rheumatoid arthritis, a type of chronic inflammatory disorder that affects not only the joints but also body systems including the lungs, heart and blood vessels.


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