Monday October 14, 2019-Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi took issue with COTU Secretary-General Francis Atwoli going for younger women to marry.

In a scathing attack during the wedding of his friend Andrew Kibet Komen, Sudi stated that Atwoli's trend of luring younger women was not good for men looking for spouses.

"Atwoli should stop the nonsense of taking away wives of young men, I tell him so if I respect him so much as my grandfather. That's a very bad habit for an old man of experience like his," he stated.

He alleged that the trade union leader drew in the women using the money he acquired illegally from state corporations.

"Atwoli is the epitome of incompetence, promiscuity and corruption. As a director he's been at the helm of NHIF, NSSF, National Bank for decades; all public institutions riddled with monumental theft, loss of public money and corruption.

"Many young people including MPs have lost spouses young enough to be grandchildren to Atwoli's promiscuity oiled by stolen money from poor unsuspecting workers," Sudi reiterated.

He was referring to the marriage of Atwoli to KTN news anchor Mary Kilobi in which he stated that he was getting old and needed someone that would take care of him hence his marriage.

"I also want someone that can travel with me. Since I'm getting old, I need medicine and someone who can tell me when I have due meetings.

"As you know, the mother of my children my rural home. If I decide that I want to start traveling around with her, I'll find no home. Therefore, I must have someone who manages me and another to take care of my home," he stated.


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