Friday October 18, 2019-KANU Chairman Gideon Moi, on Thursday announced that his party would be supporting ODM's candidate for Kibra by-election, Imran Okoth.

Speaking during a KANU Youth Congress (KYC) meeting at the party headquarters in Nairobi, the Baringo senator vowed to send a campaign team to Kibra in support of Okoth to ensure he teaches Deputy President William Ruto and his candidate, McDonald Mariga, a lesson they will never forget.

“It is important to come out strongly and show our support to the ODM candidate in the spirit of the handshake,” he stated.

Reports indicate that the Baringo senator immediately instructed Nick Salat, the Party Secretary General, to create a team that would campaign for the ODM candidate.

Further, he stated that KANU was still relevant in present-day Kenya, despite being the country's independence party. 

"We are sending yet another very clear and solid signal that those of that school of thought are certainly living in the past.

“As a party with rich heritage, we pride ourselves in having nurtured almost every single current top political figure in the country while in their heydays within the ranks and file of the party,” he bragged.


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  1. So why didn't you feel a KANU candidate to show us your might.KANU is dead and dead.