Tuesday October 15, 2019-The Third-way Alliance Party and its leader Ekuro Aukot have gone to court to stop the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) from tabling its report.

In a petition filed at the High Court in Nairobi, Aukot wants the BBI to be declared as an unconstitutional.

"The petition seeks among other things, to declare BBI unconstitutional, an order to compel the task force members to refund public money expended on the unconstitutional process," the Third-way Alliance stated. 

Aukot and his team also seek to have the DCI launch an investigation into what they termed as a waste of public resources over the August 8, 2017, presidential election.

 "We also seek an order compelling DCI to investigate and prosecute those who bungled the nullified presidential election," the party added.

The petition is set to be heard on Wednesday October 16 2019.

The court case has sent jitters into the BBI team which claimed to have visited all the 47 counties and held public engagements with the youth, women, the disabled and elders from each of the 210 constituencies and 1,500 civic wards.

“The report of the task force is now ready and is currently undergoing editorial preparation for presentation to the president,” stated BBI's lawyer Paul Mwangi in court papers.

Aukot has blamed Raila and Uhuru for the spectacular failure of the Punguza Mizingo referendum push.



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