Friday October 11, 2019-Septic tank killer, Sarah Wairimu Cohen, the wife of deceased Dutch Tycoon, Tob Cohen, has been released from prison after spending 44 days in detention.

Wairimu was released on Friday on Ksh2 million cash bail or Ksh4 million bond.

She was ordered not to set foot at her Kitisuru home.

The case was heard at the Milimani Law Courts in Nairobi. 

Justice Stella Mutuku stated that the prosecution failed to prove that Sarah, who was arrested on August 28, is a flight risk.

The judge also dismissed the prosecution’s argument that Wairimu acted in contempt, at Cohen’s burial on September 24, when she sent a warning to Cohen's killers. 

Sarah is the prime suspect in the murder of her husband, Tob Cohen, and subsequently dumping his body in a septic tank.



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  1. this shit only happens in a mt Kenya mungiki regime.

    globally, she should be rotting in hell.

    But God's justice will surely come upon her for the cold blooded killing of a JEW and this justice will befall those giving false witnesses and defending her. Let's watch as it unfold before our own eyes for free.