Sunday October 20, 2019-National Super Alliance (NASA), Raila Odinga is a king when it comes to bedroom matters if what self-proclaimed National Resistance Movement (NRM) general, Miguna Miguna, alleged is anything to go by.

In his twitter account on Sunday, Miguna alleged that Raila Odinga , who is also ODM Party leader , had sex with former Nairobi Women Representative , Rachael Shebesh.

Shebesh captivated Kenyans with her beauty and uncompromising support for ODM and Raila Odinga when she was nominated to parliament in 2009.
According to Miguna Miguna , due to her beauty , Raila Odinga invited her to his offices in Nairobi and banged her in his offices as her husband was waiting in the board room . When Mama Ida realized this she slapped Shebesh.

“What Raila Odinga and Ida have done are ACTIONABLE CRIMES; not mistakes. Killing their maid was cold-blooded murder. Stealing public funds is PLANNED and DELIBERATE CRIME. Sleeping with Rachel Shebesh - a married woman- as her husband sat in the office, was abuse of power, “Miguna wrote.

Miguna is still in exile in Toronto, Canada.


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  1. I think Miguna is loosing it? What value add is it making to tell us all this trash about BABA? Miguna you are now acting far below your intelligence.Style up. You ain't an angle you got your shortfalls as well.
    It doesn't matter how many times you smear mad and dirt to BABA,with lies or truth, our love for BABA will never be shaken. Love which you will never have.