Wednesday October 9, 2019 - Details have emerged on why Orange Democratic Movement leader, Raila Odinga, has avoided public appearances and campaigns in Kibra, unlike Deputy President William Ruto, ahead of the November by-election

Raila disclosed his reasons when he met ODM party officials and elected leaders in Nairobi.

Speaking when he endorsed Imran Okoth, Raila said that he had avoided Kibra campaigns due to his old age but was confident ODM would win the by-election by a landslide.

"With me here are leaders who entered politics in 1992 and other young party members.”

“This is your campaign, it is not mine.”

"I have become old and will be sitting down to watch how the campaign unfolds.”

“I will only join you if you ask me to do so," Odinga stated in. 

Odinga further warned Jubilee to steer clear of Kibra asserting that ODM was an unbearable storm in the area for Ruto and his candidate.

"There are those who have promised to come and bury us politically here in Kibra.”

“I dare them to dig the grave and see who will enter first.”

"When they pour money, seize that opportunity and squander it, then vote for Imran Okoth," Odinga stated.

On the other hand, Deputy President William Ruto has vowed that he will be on the frontline in Kibra campaigns that would see Jubilee pitch camp in Kibra.

He hatched a new move where he invites Kibra residents to his posh Karen home and Karen office and has done so on two different occasions, where he campaigned for Mariga.


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