Tuesday October 1, 2019 - Deputy President William Ruto is right to donate his billions to the church.

This was revealed by church leaders in Luo Nyanza led by Holy Ghost Coptic Church of Africa Father, John Pesa.

Speaking on Sunday at a church in Nyanza region, Pesa noted that the DP has not done anything wrong to donate to the churches.

He asked those who keep criticising him over the church donations, beginning with former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, to stop doing that adding that he is entitled to do anything with his old notes.

He also said that the fundraisers are a wonderful way for the DP to promote the churches.
At the same time, Pesa also said that the church is not in a position to determine whether the cash an individual is holding is from dirty dealings, adding that human beings should stop being judgmental.

“We support church fundraisers to lift the living standards of our people and we cannot distinguish dirty money from good ones unless the authorities issue caution," said Father Pesa.

The Man of God blasted Raila saying that one cannot claim to be Holy yet he or she is stingy.

He urged leaders to be good examples to the people they lead if they want them to realise the fruits of salvation at the end of the day.

Ruto has been facing fierce criticism over donations to the church.


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