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What you didn't know about MZEE JALANG'O MWENYEWE.

Felix Odiwuor popularly known as Jalang'o is an International emcee, an entertainer, a radio show host and CEO at ARENA MEDIA, an event organising company based in Kenya.

He was born and raised in Homabay and Western parts of Kenya.

Jalang'o makes around Kshs. 2Million to 3Million per month. His estimated networth is around Kshs. 100Million.

He owns a palatial home in his native-land Siaya worth 5Million and another home in Nairobi worth 10Million.

He owns a fleet of automobiles, a Bently worth 18M, a Range rover overfinch worth 20M, a BMW X6 and a Landrover Discovery (both red in colour).
Jalang'o got married to Kalenjin lady and a media personality, Cheptoek Boyo and they were blessed with a baby girl. After sometime things didn't work out for the two and they seperated which led to Jalang'o becoming a single dad for quite a long period.

Jalang'o later met Amina Chao(his current wife) fell in love and they have been blessed with two daughters Salika and Amani.

On saturday, October 26th, 2019 Jalang'o conducted a traditional wedding where the dowry comprised;

Mother in-law 1M
Father in-law 800K
Brothers 100K each


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