Wednesday October 30, 2019 - Dozens of ferry commuters scampered for safety on Tuesday after a passenger’s phone burst into flames at MV Harambee at the Likoni Channel in Mombasa.

According to Kenya Ferry Service (KFS), Salim Kamanza’s phone battery, which was faulty, burst into flames when he tried to open the cover.

“He quickly threw it into the water as passengers raised alarm.”

“The ferry staff and police on-board responded,” reads a statement from KFS.

However, no injuries were reported apart from the victim who sustained minor bruises on his left arm.

The incident comes exactly a month after the death of Mariam Kighenda and her daughter, whose car slipped off and drowned at the Likoni ferry Channel.

The Government of President Uhuru Kenyatta has been challenged to improve safety of the ferries to avoid catastrophies like the one of Mariam and her daughter.

Kenya Ferry Services has already put measures into place to address the concerns of people using the Likoni Channel.


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