Tuesday October 1, 2019-Driver of former Nyeri Governor the, late Wahome Gakuru, must have been speeding before the tragic accident that ended the Governor’s life, an expert told the court in an ongoing inquest into the accident on Monday.

Dennis Ireri, a motor vehicle expert from the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), said the Mercedes Benz was being driven at a speed of over 120 kilometers per hour.

This was before it hit a sharp guardrail along the Nyeri Nairobi Highway, tearing into the vehicle on November 7 at Makenji, near Thika Town.

He added that the driver did not attempt to apply the brakes to prevent the accident, adding that after investigating the vehicle, he found out that the brakes were intact.

“The road was wet and if the brakes were applied before ramming into the rails, there would have been skid marks on the road,” he said.

Ireri added that due to the velocity, the vehicle managed to flatten several concrete poles holding the rail, while the vehicle was also badly destroyed due to the speed.

"The vehicle hit and bent the first three and flattened five more, indicating it was on high velocity, hence the extent of the damage,” he added.

Further details indicate that the vehicle only stopped 60 meters after hitting into the rail, which had pierced into the vehicle.

He said that the front wheel was ripped off, the rim total crushed and the tire shredded.

About the absence of airbags in photos of the killer vehicle, he observed that they must have resulted from rescue missions and might have been removed by rescuers saving the governor.

The court also summoned two doctors at the Thika Level Five Hospital who attended to Gakuru and his aides after the crash.

The inquest sittings will resume in October 3.



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