Mugwenu doctors surprised residents of Kisumu town on September 17, after recovering a Land Rover vehicle worth KSh11.5 million that had been stolen from kisumu town. The owner James Onyango Tipis says that he was travelling home and was accosted by two armed men who forced him out of his vehicle and drove away with it.

“I reported matter to police and also sought for mugwenu doctors help whom I had read about on different platforms. Indeed he has helped me,” said Tipis. The vehicle was later recovered in Kisumu town . He says that the thief was nabbed after he was attacked by bees and taken to the nearest police station. Daktari also recovered 30 motorcycles after busting a theft syndicate in belewa , Mombasa County. Boda boda riders had reported a high number of killings, injuries and muggings which led to them losing their motorbikes. Msa Kasi in belewa had lost his motorbike in a mysterious way. Instead of reporting the matter to police he opted to seek directly for Daktari’s services.

“I saw reporting the matter to police as a waste of time because the officers take a lot of time investigating. I decided to seek for Daktari’s services and for real my motorcycle was recovered two days later,” he said. Daktari Mugwenu unleashed live bees on the thieves, which also busted a large motorbike theft syndicate. “These thieves have caused havoc in families. They kill, maim and steal from riders. They were looking for market for the stolen motorbikes but their days were numbered, they are here now,” he said. MUgwenu Doctors also helped a woman in Buru Buru Estate in Nairobi who could not get pregnant due to stomach complications. I had been married for 8 years but it was hard for me to get pregnant. I tried all medications but they all failed. But when I was told about Mugwenu Doctors tried and as we speak I am a very happy woman because I have conceived. We have a bouncing baby girl,” narrated Bahati Mumbo.

Daktari also helped a man who had no stamina and power to impregnate a woman. Fanuel Wekesa Marell Estate in Bungoma town looked energetic enough but he was suffering. His manhood could not rise to the occasion during the night marathon and this rendered him childless. “I contacted Mugwenu Doctors, they gave me some medicines. It has now been 7 months and I tell you, I am satisfied with the current situation. There are no complaints any more. My wife is now seven months pregnant,” he said. Bahati asked other men experiencing the same problem not to hesitate but contact Mugwenu Doctors and they will live to enjoy. Mugwenu Doctors also has powers to bring back wives and husbands snatched by other people.

He helped Phyllis Nyakinye in Wambuu town to get her husband back after he had been snatched by a certain rich woman in Mtito Andei town. “My husband is back and we live happily. The other woman has tried reaching him but it has been in vain. How could I have survived without him yet we have 5 children?” she posed. Are you battling from such problems like unemployment, different kind of sickness, barrenness, lack of promotions at the work place, demons and spirits attacks? Mugwenu Doctors are your ultimate saviour. He helped Silas Teren in Iten town to stop alcohol and cigarette addiction. A disease which had affected him for years. “I almost died from this addiction. Alcohol and cigarettes were my main friends. Efforts by friends and my relatives to take me to a rehabilitation centre totally failed. But with the help from Mugwenu I have abandoned the 20-year-addiction. I now only take tea and other soft drinks. You can be like me, visit him now,” he said. The traditional doctor also treats stomach upsets, backaches, high blood pressure, diabetes and prolonged menstruation.

He also has powers to force thieves to eat grass, has medicine to help politicians win in a political contest and modern medicine for the protections of farms and homesteads. Mugwenu Doctors gets there medicine from the Congo forest, Namib desert, caves in the DRC, Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt and Eastern Uganda. Where did I acquire the powers from? I fell sick at a tender age and suffered for 25 years after I was attacked by evil spirits but I was later healed in a mysterious way and landed on this extra ordinary powers which has helped me to help many people suffering from different problems. Remember there is no fear in seeking help from a professional witch doctor, God helps somebody who helps himself.Call +254740637248 or visit www.mugwenudoctors.com

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