Monday October 28, 2019 - Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s brother, Oburu Odinga, lost his multi-million land on Friday after High Court Judge, Stephen Kibunjia, dismissed his lawsuit challenging the repossession of the land by the Government.

According to reports, Oburu wanted a suit by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) challenging his ownership of a parcel of land thrown out. 

The EACC recovered land and assets worth Ksh1.69 billion in Western Kenya, with Oburu among the biggest losers in the asset recovery net that was cast by the commission.

According to court documents, a parcel of land in Kisumu Municipality Block 7/509 measuring 0.14 hectares was irregularly allocated to Oburu in February 2001.

In July 2019, the High Court revoked Oburu's title deed to the land after a successful suit by the EACC.

The High Court in Kisumu also gave orders that permanently restrained Oburu and any of his associates from charging, transferring possession or developing the land in question.

Other parcels of land recovered by EACC include 11 assets belonging to Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC) in Kisumu.


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