Monday October 14,2019-Suba North MP, Millie Odhiambo has advised Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko to hit the gym instead of posting dancing videos on You Tube.

 In an interview with K24 on Sunday, Odhiambo said he had noticed Sonko’s apparent growing potbelly, asking him to go to the gym.

“I can actually say that he is not a good dancer. Let us start from there.  And then I can also say that for a young person, what is he doing with that kind of a pot (potbelly)? Go to the gym instead of dancing. First I think he just needs to go to the gym. As an older sister, I will advise him to go to the gym, you have no business having that big pot as a young person," Millie said.

For the last two weeks, Sonko has toured, Dubai, France and he is currently in London.He has been defending his trips saying he is on a bench marking tours.


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