Mimi sipendangi ujinga, hata kama ni bibi yangu ananiogopa kama simba, lakini sijui ni nini ilimuingia July akaamua kunitenda. My wife delivered her first child in 2014, we got married in 2012. I was happy to be a father. In 2016, we planned to get our second child, and I was optimistic this time I would get a boy child and close the chapter. I thought it was easy since it was not hard when we got our first born.

From 2016 until 2018 we tried hard, I tried all positions but nothing was forthcoming. Later, I started suspecting there was something wrong and in September 2018 my wife suggested that she visits a gynecologist to determine where the problem was. I didn’t object because I thought it could solve our problems. She went to a doctor in Nairobi's Upper Hill and I accompanied her. We arrived and found the doctor was attending to another client. After waiting for about 20 minutes, he called us in.

I could see he was a serious man.

“Perhaps he understands his job," I told myself. After discussing for a while, he told me to leave the room, there were confidential questions he wanted to ask her and I reluctantly left. It is not easy leaving your wife with another man, especially if undressing is involved. There was a newspaper at the reception, I picked it and made myself busy as I waited for them to finish. After about 30 minutes, my wife came and told me ”twende sasa,tumemaliza”. She clutched her handbag and we headed home. But on our way, she told me the doctor wanted her to visit the clinic at least once a month for examination. I did not see any big deal with the request. I nonetheless let her visit the facility unaccompanied since she already knew the place. The first visit was in October 2018. She woke up at 6am, prepared our kid and went straight to see the doctor. She was back at 10 am.

Then it was December, a few days before Christmas. This time she went at 4pm because as she explained, the doctor had other commitments in the morning. Afterwards, they started meeting more often, from monthly to weekly. In March 2019, I decided to follow my wife to the clinic. As usual she told me she was visiting the doctor. I waited until she boarded a vehicle and I secretly boarded a taxi to see where she alighted. I arrived at the clinic moments after her but I found no one at the reception and thus I decided to sit and wait. That’s when I heard something funny and alarming. "Aki mbona unanifanyia hivi! Ouch! Ouch! Woow! Woow!” Kuchungulia kupitia kwa dirisha nikaona bibi ako chini na doctor juu huku wakimumunyana.

My heart sunk as I watched them do it without fear. My feet grew numb as my hands trembled like a twig caught up in whirlwind. I knocked the door, only for my wife to dress up so quick and rush to sit. I confronted them. The doctor pleaded with me not to do anything but in the process he called a security officer who threw me outside the compound. I went home crying. That evening, my wife came and took all her belongings. I never bothered to ask her where she was going because I was in great anger and pain. After one week of silence, I noticed she was serious and she may never come back. When I called her, she told me”kwenda huko,hata huyu mtoto niko naye sio wako, wewe ni mwanaume wa aina gani hawezizalisha mwanamke!!" That statement pained me a lot. I regretted meeting her and paying her college fee and helped her secure a job. I came to learn that my wife moved to live in Kasarani, and the doctor was the one paying rent for her. But I did not want to lose her like that. I hatched a revenge scheme. I went to Dr Mugwenu for help. I got his contacts from a trusted friend. Phone number:  +254740637248 Email address: mugwenudoctors@gmail.com

I had consulted Mugwenu before when a neighbour stole my TV. I asked how he would help me and he told me it was simple. He gave me something to put outside the doctor’s house, then the doctor will lose concentration in his work and clients will disappear too. The following week, I went to Mugwenu who gave me something in a polythene paper. I went and put it outside the doctor’s office. I then went home and waited for results. After two months my wife called while crying and apologising bitterly. I remember it was in July towards the end of the month. I asked her why and she started telling me all her problems, that she has not paid rent, the doctor left her, sijui what.

The worst part is that our child is admitted to hospital. I ignored her. But she constantly called, every day she would call more than five times. I decided to call the gynecologist nikamwambia, unajua malipo ni hapa hapa duniani. It is after that call that he decided to open up to me. He regrettably apologised and promised not to repeat what he had done. He confessed that since he started sleeping with my wife, all clients disappeared. He even closed the clinic. I was happy to hear that. I clearly explained to him that I am the cause and if he wants to recover, he should reward me heavily. Well, I am now rich, thanks to Dr Mugwenu I am also happy. If you have marital problems or someone has conned you, call Mugwenu for help. He will execute the job perfectly. The contact is +254740637248. Thank you Mugwenu.

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