Tuesday, October 1, 2019 - The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has ordered a local tech firm, Little Shuttle, to stop its operations with immediate effect.

The authority claims that the online PSV operator is not properly registered and has been operating on wrong licenses.

However, the firm’s Chief Executive Officer Mr., Kamal Budhabhatti, has refuted NTSA’s claims stating that the company hails from other partners who are properly registered for business.

“Our partners are properly registered but now it’s shocking that we are told we are operating on wrong licenses,” said Budhabhatti.

In his post on social media, Mr. Budhabhatti appealed to the Government to embrace dialogue before taking such drastic action which he says will render many people jobless.

On the same vein, Mr. Budhabhatti pointed fingers at cartels in the Matatu sector who are scared of the disruption tech firms such as Little Shuttle would bring into the rather chaotic sector.

“Little and other such tech firms introduced to ease passengers’ burden of movement and to save them from the chaos witnessed in the matatu sector. It is actually the face of what an ideal transport system should be,” he said.

Little shuttle had also partnered with some matatu SACCOs who have introduced their buses to their application.

The e-Shuttles allows passengers to book a seat at the comfort of their homes, after which they are picked at specific places and times starting from 6:45 am on weekdays.

The e-shuttle had started to gain popularity as passengers avoid the usual pains of having to wait for normal matatus to be full among other advantages.

A similar resistance was witnessed few years go from local taxi operators when online cab hailing companies such as Uber launched operations in Kenya.

Little Shuttle has made significant growth since its inception from Craft Silicon and they recently received funding of over Sh1 billion.

The Kenyan DAILY POST 

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