Friday October 11, 2019-Politics have surrounded recovery of a mother and daughter who plunged into Indian Ocean almost two weeks ago, with Kenya Defense Forces being dragged into the controversy.

The bodies of Mariam Kighenda and her daughter Amanda Mutheu are yet to be retrieved, over two days after the Kenya Navy announced that it has spotted their vehicle at the ocean bed in Likoni channel.

"We have been having a government multi-agency which involves Kenya Navy, Kenya Ferry Services among others. The entire team is led by Kenya Navy under Col Lawrence Gituma.

"Those who were leading and had divers were Kenya Navy. Some helped us with cameras but it's Kenya Navy that spotted the vehicle. We are not saying that others didn't contribute but without divers, we wouldn't have made the progress," he said.

However, South Africa divers, who were hired by the family with the help of Governor Hassan Joho, have accused KDF of insincerity.

The divers, who left the country on Wednesday, insisted that they are the ones who spotted the vehicle and not the Kenya Navy as it was reported.

Their claims were corroborated by the family, led by John Wambua.

 “The South African divers we hired left the country on Wednesday at 4pm after completing their task which was to locate the car,” he said.



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  1. that's why the fools has taken more days to retrieve the car this long: blaming it on ocean deep currents. They want credit for everything, when in actual fact they are as useless as their mouth. If they had brains they would have retrieved the car in not more than 2 days. And if they were working they should have saved the car from sinking in the 7 minutes.

    Look at them, they are allocated a lot of funds to fatten them as they loot those fund from they election thief stationed at statehouse - indulged in smoking week and intoxicating itself with alcohol. These KDF is his mirror image of his abyss regime of the day - he should be there retrieving the body than laying in statehouse.

  2. The government is planning to sneek bodies which are currently at Jocham hospital mortuary to purported that it has recovered the bodies of the ferry tragedy victims..remember bodies which are recovered from the sea are all look alike and if DNA is a must then it will be under government supervision...the tragedy has exposed the weakness of KDF who were overrunned by al shabaab in Somaalia The 2016 attack saw the terrorists run over their military camp and butcher KDF soldiers working under the Amisom command in one of the country’s darkest battleground losses.

    Kenya suffered its largest-ever military casualties at the battle of El Adde in the Gedo region of Somalia.

  3. You expect a Kenya Government Agency to tell the truth? You must be kidding! To start with the CEO of KFS should have resigned like last year but there he was talking on camera with all that guilt weighing on his shoulders.

  4. we believe more of racist South African than our own. Kudos Kenya Navy.