Wednesday October 30, 2019-Political analyst, David Osiany, has advised Kibra voters to be very keen as the by-election fast approaches.

In a tweet Wednesday, Osiany advised residents to keenly check the promises that were given by Deputy President William Ruto when he campaigned for Jubilee Candidate, McDonald Mariga, on Sunday.

He urged the voters to keenly scrutinize the promises being given by aspirants and parties, especially by the ruling Jubilee Party.

Speaking at Lindi Grounds, the DP promised a technical college, jobs and houses if Mariga sails through, with Osiany doubting if the vows, from a man whose 2013 promises to Kenyans are yet to be fulfilled, can be kept.

He said that the voters are very unlikely to believe in the DP, as some of the promises he made alongside President Uhuru Kenyatta remain hanging.

"I am seeing #WeRejectRutoLies and thinking, isn't that a no brainer? Are the people of Kibra that foolish that they would believe all those promises from the same DP who is yet to deliver 9 stadiums? No, seriously," Osiany tweeted.



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