Kevin Owens Turns Heel

According to WWE News, Kevin Owens has once again shown to the entire world that he is not trustworthy. Kevin Owens turned heel and attacked his own supposed friends from 'The New Day'. After being ruled out from WWE since October 2018 after suffering a knee surgery, Owens made his comeback in February this year. But it wasn't the same old Owens. He was trying to portray himself as an innocent babyface trying to win over the crowd.

It seemed as if he had renounced his old ways. But as soon as he made his return, Owen was given a shot at the WWE title WWE CEO Vince McMahon. However according to Owen's statement, it wasn't him who had requested the match, and he was not at all purposefully trying to cut Kofi Kingston in line for an opportunity. But it was clearly evident that it had been Kofi instead of Owens as suggested by recent by both WWE Raw Results and WWE SmackDown Results. 

Owens got his opportunity at the WWE Championship later in March at WWE's Fastlane pay-per-view. It was a triple threat match against the then champion Daniel Bryan and Mustafa Ali. Owens, however, didn't succeed in his attempt. But it wasn't all which Owens had lost, he also had to sit out WrestleMania. On the other hand, Kofi who was denied his fair chance initially ended up defeating Bryan for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania.

Owens tried to appear unbothered by this, even offered to join as a temporary member of Kingston's team The New Day as Big E was out with an injury. He called himself "The Big O". Owens was more than happy to be a part of The New Day playful antics. However, as anticipated by many, it was all nothing but a scam. On one Tuesday's episode of SmackDown, Owens accompanied Kingston and The New Day for a main event match against Shinsuke Nakamura. The match though ended in a disqualification as Rusev attacked Kingston, Owens acted as the saviour to his friends at the New Day. But all that was set up as the day ended with Owens brutally attacking Kingston first and then Xavier Woods. Owens power bombed Woods to the apron of the ring.

He taunted Kingston with his own WWE Championship belt. It all became clear as water, Owens had his eyes on the prize, the WWE Championship, which was SmackDown's biggest prize. It all was a big setup. The innocent return, his friendship to the new day and everything Owens had done till then. It was all just to catch Kingston off guard. It was another one of Owens classic Owens betrayal.

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