Friday, October 4, 2019 - Keroche heiress, Anerlisa Muigai, has revealed that she’s contemplating relocating to Tanzania permanently to live with her celebrity hubby, Ben Pol.

Apparently, the Bongo Flava star has been trying to convince her to move to Tanzania but she’s yet to decide.

Taking to Instagram, Anerlisa, who is currently spending quality time with Ben Pol in Dar es Salaam, wrote:

“My baby has been trying to convince me all day to move to Tanzania permanently but I am not sure how possible that would be.”

“Ooh btw my mum still looks at me as a 12 year old.”

“She still calls me to find out if I have eaten or not and also what time I’ll be sleeping Mum’s (sic) are everything,”

The two lovebirds, who are without a doubt the ‘it’ celebrity couple in East Africa, at the moment, got married in a private ceremony a few months ago.

The Moyo Machine hit-maker revealed that he likes to keep his love life under wraps and that is why many didn’t get to know about the wedding.

Speaking to a Tanzanian mag, Ben Pol, said:

“I am married but I didn’t broadcast it because it was a family affair”

“Everyone has their way of loving.”

“Some people want to make their affairs public.”

“I will produce music and talk about it but when it comes to my personal life I want it to remain private,” he added.


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