Monday, October 7, 2019- The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has issued a warning to the public over buying electronic gadgets like mobile phones and laptops from unregistered vendors.

Taking to Twitter, the DCI warned that unregistered dealers could be selling stolen gadgets robbed from murdered victims and those found in possession of a stolen item could face murder charges.

“It is risky and dangerous to buy any electronic device from suspicious outlets. Most are those who buy stolen items from armed gangsters who have violently robbed innocent citizens and in the process kill and maim them. One of the tweets from DCI read.

“Don’t buy a device of a fellow murdered or maimed Kenyan. When police forensically investigate and find you in possession of such said devices, by the time it is established that you were not involved in the crime, you may have suffered immensely,” another tweet read.

On the same vein, the DCI advised members of the public to purchase electronic goods from dealers who have a fixed physical address and have conspicuously displayed the requisite authorization documents including licenses, permits and other local or national approvals and make sure they have a receipt.

Read the tweets below and be warned.

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