Thursday October 24, 2019 - Deputy President William Ruto has landed in trouble with a section of Kenyans on social media after he launched ‘an electricity connection’ in a tattered mud houses in Sekenani village, Narok County.

The DP launched the connection in the manyatta homesteads of Mzee Kiok and Mzee Pesi.

He was served traditional Maasai milk while in the shacks before he proceeded to attend to other functions in the County.

Despite his show of humility and ability to share with the hoi polloi, a section of Kenyans felt that the DP was taking advantage of the locals' poverty status for publicity.

One question that Kenyans kept asking was why the DP would launch connection in a shanty instead of getting them better houses first before electricity.

Interestingly, despite the criticism, other Kenyans were quick to laud the DP for his efforts and others even calling on him to go do the same in their villages.


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  1. Loot-all needs medical attention. Between a house and electricity, which one is the most essential? I can't vote for a brainless president!!!