Monday October 7, 2019 - Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s order of stopping the dredging exercise at Likoni Crossing Channel has been implemented after Kenya Defence Force (KDF) circled the area and declared it a no go zone.

On Saturday, Raila who visited the Channel ordered all dredging activities halted until bodies of a mother and her child, who drowned last Sunday, are retrieved.

Though many Kenyans said Raila has no power to make such orders , KDF declared the area a no go zone on Monday morning.

This means that Kenya Ports Authority workers will not be able to continue dredging activities because of Raila’s orders.

The declaration banning civilians which includes even journalists was pronounced by Kenya Ferry Services Chairman, Dan Mwazo.

The area is now under the command of the naval and KFS bosses.

“The divers who have been hired by the family from Subsea company are here.”

“The government has also hired three more from South Africa.”

“We also have machines for the operations…They have therefore requested people to vacate this place so that it eases their operation,” Mwazo said.


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