Thursday October 3, 2019 - Lifeline Laboratories has recalled a batch of sure condoms over concerns about “quality issues” of the products

In a letter, Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (Kemsa) Quality Assurance Manager, Dr John Aduda, asked those concerned to assist Lifeline Laboratories with the recall of the products since they were supplied through Kemsa.

“Please accord Lifeline Laboratories the necessary operation in order to successfully conclude the process,”Aduda said in a letter to all relevant stakeholders including chemists and pharmacists

The products affected are batch number 17DN754 and 17DN052 and the expiry date of the affected batches is between December 2021 and December 2022.

Lifeline Laboratories also advised Kenyans to check the brand and the date at the bottom of the outer packing and the foil wrapping to see if they are in possession of these potentially defective condoms.


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