Tuesday October 29, 2019 - Edwin Abonyo, widower to former Bomet Governor, Joyce Laboso, has promised not to let down President Uhuru Kenyatta after he was appointed to the State Corporations Advisory Committee.

In an interview with a local daily, Obonyo said he will do a spotless job and ensure the President is happy.

Obonyo promised to do his best, promising to deliver as expected, both for the sake of the President and the people of Kenya by extension.

"It was a very interesting appointment na nilifurahi sana maana inahusiana na vitu nyingi (because it is a broad job).”

“Nitaifanya vizuri sana na sitalet president down and by extension the people of Kenya (I will don't well and I won't let the president down and by extension the people of Kenya)," Obonyo said.

He also lauded the President for his support during Laboso's sickness days and after her death, terming him a very civilised man who was of great help to the family.

"His Excellency is a very civilised man and was of great help to us.”

“When I get the opportunity I will thank him (His Excellency huwa ni muungwana sana na alitusaidia sana na nikipata nafasi nitamshukuru)," he added.


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