Thursday October 17, 2019-Katana Jola, the father to Ganda ward by-election ODM candidate Reuben Katana, has sensationally dragged Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa to the scene of his brother's death.

Speaking during an interview with the media, Mzee Jola accused Aisha Jumwa of allegedly snatching a pistol from her bodyguard before shooting his younger brother dead.

According to him, the bullet was aimed at Reuben Katana, who is set to contest the by-election on Thursday (today).

"After some few minutes, Aisha Jumwa stormed the meeting, she condemned the police for not dispersing the meeting. She snatched a pistol from the bodyguard and aimed at Katana (Reuben). The bullet missed the target at hit his uncle," he said.

On Tuesday, chaos erupted at Mzee Jola's home after Ms Jumwa stormed the compound. His younger brother Ngumbao Jola was killed on spot.

Before her arrest on Tuesday, Jumwa dismissed claims that she shot the man dead, adding that ODM was holding a meeting past campaign time.

"Campaigns ended on Monday at 6pm as per the law and once I received reports that the ODM candidate was holding an illegal meeting, I decided to go and protest why police were not doing their duty," said the combative MP.


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