Saturday October 5, 2019-The hopes of ever seeing the bodies of Mariam and her daughter who drowned at Likoni ferry have faded after world-renowned Swedish diver, Volker Bassen, who had shamed the government with a record-breaking promise on the recovery operation at Likoni Ferry, was forced to retract his words after visiting the scene.

Speaking yesterday, Bassen reiterated Kenya Navy's sentiments on how tough it was to recover the bodies and vehicle which had plunged into the Indian Ocean. 

The previous day, the diver had stated that he would locate the car within 15 minutes and retrieve it in two hours. 

"I would like to retract my comments in the previous interview that I had, where I said that it would take about two hours to retrieve the car wreckage.

"I realized that I had underestimated the conditions, especially which the Kenyan Navy has to deal with. The situation is that the visibility is unclear, the waters are deep. The currents are terrible and that makes it quite difficult for us to locate the car," Bassen stated on live TV.

Bassen, who is also the CEO of East Africa Whale-Shark Trust, had further reported that it was not the first time working with the Kenyan Navy on a rescue mission.

He claimed to have participated in a recovery operation of a body in Lake Michaelson on Mount Kenya in 2012, after a plane crash.



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