Monday, October 21, 2019- Controversial Pastor Thaddeus Mathews from Memphis, has hit out at those claiming that he is the randy man preforming a sex act in a leaked viral sex tape by stating that ‘his skills are much better than the man in the video

Pastor Thaddeus’ resemblance to the man in the video who has since been identified as of Pastor David Wilson of Bible Way Ministries & World Outreach in Texas, saw netizens drag him into the mess and he has moved to set the record straight.

While addressing the confusion the controversial clergy, who is also known as the cussing Pastor due to his use of vulgar language in his sermons admitted that he eats pussy too, but his skills are much better than what they saw Pastor Wilson doing in the leaked  video. 
Taking to Instagram he wrote: 'So on several pages including Twitter and Youtube persons are using my pic stating that I am Pastor Wilson Lol, I’m sure most know the difference but just in case, yes I eat pussy but my skills are much better. Pastor Wilson was eating too fast and from bottom to top and my style is from top to bottom. Haters thanks for keep making me great.' He wrote

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  1. If that is not sexual perversion? That coming from a pastor tell you how rotten the world is.