Friday, October 11, 2019- A man has narrated how he busted his boss having sex with a salon lady at Krishna Centre in Westlands.

According to the dude, he has been salivating on the curvy salon lady who works in  a high end salon located in their office building.

When he was leaving the building earlier today  morning , he spotted the salon lady getting into the boss’s salon car in the basement parking.

Since he was interested to know what the lady was doing in the car, he approached a guard in-charge of the  basement parking to snoop on the boss since he has been suspecting that he has an affair with the office lady.

The guard asked for something small(“chai”) and spilled the beans.

Apparently, the dude’s boss has been having sex with the salon lady in the basement parking almost every-day.

The starved boss gives the guard a small stipend to allow him enjoy the sex escapades in the basement parking in peace.

Read the guy’s post on his boss sex escapades with the salon lady.


Here’s a photo of the salon lady who was being banged in the basement parking.


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